Little Sandbox runs tech clubs for kids aged 6 – 17, offering activities around: coding, electronics, digital making and digital media.

Our purpose is to make sure young people grow up with the skills they will need to work in a more advanced technological future.

We provide a social environment for tech-minded kids to further explore digital skills, with access to equipment, resources, and ongoing support to strengthen their interest in technology.

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Was 201X The Date Chara Fell Down?

Was 201X the year that the first fallen human Chara fell down?! At the start of the game, while it's telling you about the war of monsters and humans, it shows a picture of Mount Ebbot, With the year 201X underneath. After that it then shows a picture of a human...

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Super Powered Business.

NPower named us one of their Super Powered Businesses in 2017 and sent a film crew down to meet us for an article in the Daily Mirror.

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Saturday Club @ Norris Green Library

Saturday Club @ Norris Green Library

We are thrilled to announce that following the success of our workshops at Norris Green Library, Little Sandbox will be returning with a Saturday club for ages 8+. The club will operate on a weekly basis until mid July to assess the impact and interest in...

They’re kind and they help and they share and that’s the good thing about everyone in Little Sandbox, nobody messes around and nobody’s nasty to people.


Age 9

If your child is interested in technology, or doesn’t fit in with the stereotypical groups, football, dance and drama, this is the group for them.



I’ve always had lots of ideas, ideas for a game or animation or whatever, and what they’ve always done at Little Sandbox is they’ve always made it come to life.


Age 11

Smart phone, laptop, tablet, they’re on computers all the time but this is taking it to another level; it’s more about creating something rather than looking at a screen.