Was 201X the year that the first fallen human Chara fell down?! At the start of the game, while it’s telling you about the war of monsters and humans, it shows a picture of Mount Ebbot, With the year 201X underneath. After that it then shows a picture of a human climbing the mountain. It then shows an image of them on top of the mountain; resulting in the person tripping in a vine, thus them falling into the sacred Underground. It doesn’t actually say that the person is Frisk, so there’s a possibility that it could be Chara (or Mabey the other five fallen humans).

But, NYEH HE HE!, that’s not all! When in Toriels house, near the exit of of the ruins, theres a brown cabinet with a vase on top. When you check It, it says there’s an OLD calender from the start of 201X. Old, huh? From what we know, Chara and Frisk are the only humans to enter Toriels house. Chara was quite far away from when Frisk fell down(unless Frisk fell down down about 6 months later). So that’s point one !

Right, up to point two. This one is similar to point one, but it’s in Asgores house. When you enter his house, go to the right cabinet, which has some books on it. When you check this one, it says there’s an OLD calender from the END of 201X. Toriels calender says from the start; but this one says the end. Mabey it says the end because that’s when Agore and Toriels two children(Chat and Asriel)died? But it also says that there’s a date circled on it. This is another clue that states the year 201X is not Frisk, but Chara?!?!

Buuuutt, when you check one side of the broken water fountain in MTTs resort, it states that it was made in the year 201X! It was either made when the dreaded Chara fell down or maybe just dodgy and broken in like a week or something!

Also, if it was when Chara fell down, wouldn’t that mean that the memorial with the music box was made in 201X? It doesn’t say, so it might not be true.

But Hey, that’s just a theory. An UnderTale theory!! :tm: That’s all for now, see ya!(also, well done for making it this far! Here’s a trophy and a kawii face. :trophy:

(-•_•-)) (also I got a new Mac so there’s no pictures. Sorry)