For the last seven weeks we’ve been running an after school club with years 5 & 6 at St David’s primary School in Childwall.

The animation club was also interested in robots so for the first session we took Ozobots along so the group could have a go at drawing paths for the robots to follow.

I the weeks that followed we took iPads and white boards and taught the group about frame rates and making tiny movements.

To illustrate the point about tiny changes in each photo the group followed a demonstration drawing eyes that blinked, taking photos after every alteration until they had a 1 second blink.

A couple of enthusiasts skipped ahead and made the eys blink, look side to side and roll!

We also took Lego in so they could practice making small step changes.

For the final session we brought our newly developed Trashbots, as well as the Ozobots and iPads. Some of the animations incorporated the robots too.

We had a fab time working with the group. And we’ve even inspired a break out group – three of the boys have decided to form their own animation club and meet at each others houses to continue making films. Hope they’ll remember us when they smash the box office!