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All About Little Sandbox, and why I come

by | Dec 29, 2017 | Blog | 0 comments

Hi there. Today, in this blog post, I’m going to explain to you why I go to Little Sandbox, and what I have achieved while I have been going there.

Firstly allow me to explain what Little Sandbox is:

Little Sandbox is a children’s technology club on the outskirts of the city of Liverpool in Merseyside. It has three different age-divisions in an attempt to reach out to a wider audience. These are labelled as ‘Play,’ (6-8 year old), ‘Explore,’ (9-12 year olds), and ‘Invent,’ (11-17 year olds). You can find out more information on pricing, guidelines etc. on their website at

Anyway, that is enough wittering about all the details. Now I will explain why I come, and what I have achieved.

I come because I want to learn about interesting things and how to make them, including coding, electronics, media and more. Another highlight of Little Sandbox I love is that I can make friends with other children with similar, if not the same interests.

I also get to do fun activities. Two of my personal favourite highlights would be the Google D.I.Y AI system I built and coded with a Raspberry Pi, and the video I documented and edited about us making the almighty tortoise flap f0r the Pioneers contest (link here –

I made the video with Final Cut Pro X on an iMac. I was with a professional editor who taught me how to use Final Cut, and lended me a hand if I went wrong. 

I hope over the next few years to work on many projects, with many friends, and hopefully learn a lot I wouldn’t have without Little Sandbox. I recommend you come along and become a part of it.

There’s no day like today!

-Patrick Turvey, Age 12