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Awesome Liverpool is a chapter of the awesome foundation. It is a fun way to give £500 to makers who wish to put their project forward and win with no catches. Awesome Liverpool give £500 every month so you can apply any time, each month. the finalists are invited to a gift night on or around the first Monday of every month.

In July 2018, Daniel Cash and Oliver Griffiths pitched The Kerbinator in front of the Awesome Liverpool judges. Their opponents included soothing stones for people with autism and dementia, and a recycled plastic for 3d printing project. The Kerbinator was selected to win the competition by the judges. A representative form Awesome Liverpool said “their pitch was one of our best. Short, simple, clear need; clear benefit to the community; with a working prototype and plan for the future. These two will go far.”

Part of the money will be spent on organising a hack day to seek help from the maker community to help develop the website and mobile app.