Little Sandbox, in partnership with Norris Green Library is creating a fun Palace on 6th October.

Fun Palace is a global campaign to put community at the heart of culture and culture at the heart of the community.
Fun palaces are created by and for local communities to bring people together to learn and share new skills.

As a newly opened maker space in Norris Green, Little Sandbox is a the perfect venue to bring people together to learn about the equipment and activities on offer and to meet local people.

But Fun Palaces aren’t about just one venue organising an open day. It’s about the community coming together. So we want to hear from you, local residents and businesses around Norris Green Library.
If anyone can get involved, run some taster activities or help get people to join in, please get in touch.

We’ve always said that this will be a community space, we’ll provide the tools and equipment but it’s up to the local community what they do with it. Which fits in perfectly with the Fun Palace ethos.

The space will be open from 11am – 3pm on Saturday 6th October with a variety of activities and learning opportunities for all ages.

Find out more about the Norris Green Fun Palace here: