Little Sandbox Explore is for kids aged 9-12 who want to learn more about technology. Explorers can work towards skill achievements by developing their own projects in electronics, coding, digital making and media.

Wednesdays 5:30pm – 7:30pm

Little Sandbox Explore is for kids with a keen interest in technology, computer programming, animation and digital media. Members are able to take part in group tutorials to learn basic skills in a variety of software and hardware. 1 to 1 support is also available for each member as well as plenty of handouts and worksheets for self directed learning. We know that every child is different and with a range of ages from 9 – 12, each member has their own area of interest and expertise. We encourage our group to work together and learn from each other. Our members are given the space and freedom to explore technology at their own pace, while having the expertise and knowledge of staff available when it’s needed.

Skill Achievements

When you become an Explorer, you’ll be issued with a level 1 ID Badge. The badge contains your name, your group and 16 holes for pins that you can earn by completing tasks. Work through the tasks in each of the 4 main areas: Coding, Electronics, Digital Media and Making. Once you’ve earned the 16 pins you can complete the end of level project. This asks you to combine all the skills you’ve learned to create something awesome from one of the 4 main areas. Once complete you’ll be awarded a Level 2 badge and you can start earning the next level of skills. As a member you’ll also be assigned a username and password to login to this website and keep an online track of your progress. You’ll also be able to write blogs and add films and images to the site so you can share what you’re learning with other young people who are unable to attend the club.

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