Little Sandbox: Invent is our club for kids aged 11- 17 with a competitive streak! Inventors will collaborate on group projects for entry into STEM competitions.

Tuesdays 5:30 – 7:30pm


Little Sandbox Invent is for kids to really put their skills to the test by working together to invent applications and gadgets for a purpose. This is your opportunity to find answers to life’s problems. Every useful gadget that makes our lives easier has been invented by someone wanting to address a problem.

We’ll work on ideas as a team or individually and completed projects will be entered into suitable competitions.

We’ll also enter teams into specific competitions with set criteria. Check out some of our previous entries and works in progress.

Ready to Join?

Our second entry into the Raspberry Pi Pioneers competition – Our response to helping someone survive a Zombie Apocalypse. Our plan was to use a Pi-Camera attached to a drone which could be viewed and controlled online so the survivors could check their immediate area for safety.