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Funded by The Craft Council, Our Knitting & Crochet Group will explore making soft toys & clothing that may (or may not) include some electronics through the introduction of conductive threads and wearable tech.

Mondays 12:00pm – 2:00pm

Knitting & Crochet Group

Chris and Snoof lead our Knitting and Crochet Group every Monday afternoon.

Thanks to funding from the Craft Council, we were challenged to find a way to introduce traditional crafts with new technologies.

The timing was perfect, as Chris has just started learning to crochet and while he was quite pleased with the toys he was making, he naturally felt they were lacking some tech and embedded a BBC Micro:bit and some Neopixels into his unicorn marionette.

Around the same time, we held our Fun Palace and had a lot of requests for a knitting and crochet group.

So here we are: Every Monday afternoon 12noon – 2pm. Come and join us.

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