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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turkey


Our hero, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turkey, is trying to escape the mouths of Christmas dinner eaters. If he can just reach the present he’ll be able to hide.

Avoid the evil vegetables and the lava gravy and whatever you do, don’t let the fork pick you up.

All characters, sound effects, music and code were created and designed by members of Little Sandbox Saturday club.


To Play: Use the direction keys to move left and right, and space bar to jump.

Stop motion animation recorded at Little Sandbox featuring Lego characters in the lovely surroundings of SAFE Regeneration.

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Atoms and Zombies


How many ZOMBIES can you kill in 60 seconds?

You have to catch them to kill them!

This game was created during the Little Sandbox Summer Academy 2016.

Characters and music created by Chip, Ginger 636, Antman, Agent Zed, Hacker, Fishface, Yugio Lord, Pikachu, and Battleking 121.


To Play: Use the direction keys to move.