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There’s never been a better time to introduce computer science and digital skills into your activities. And with our years of expertise bringing tech to kids, we can help make the subject fun and exciting.

Host a Little Sandbox After School Club

Our after school clubs have been popular with pupils learning about animation, 3d design and coding.

We offer half term length themed programmes in the following areas:

  • Animation
  • Microbits
  • Scratch
  • 3D Design and print
  • Circuits
  • Design
  • Podasting
  • Film Making
  • Interactive Story Telling
  • Robots

At the end of each programme, pupils will have completed their own project and have the basic skills needed to continue developing their skills at home.

After School Clubs

Bring your class to Little Sandbox

With a whole workshop full of equipment we have and plenty of desk space we can welcome your class to our makerspace. We can deliver activities covering coding, electronics, and digital media as well as crafting and making using digital equipment such as 3D printers, laser cutters, heat presses and more.

Hold a Tech day at your school



Brush up on your computing skills

Whether you are a teacher, playworker or just looking to diversify your tech sills, we can work with you to show you the basics of computing, electronics and digital media.

As tech becomes more embedded in the curriculum, teachers and child care professionals with a knowledge of the available resources for teaching computing will be way ahead of the competition.

There are lots of ways to improve your tech teaching skills:

  • Book us to run CPD training with your staff
  • Volunteer at a Little Sandbox Club
  • Join our maker space and learn from other members about a variety of software and hardware

Professional Development