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Code that only uses two symbols to represent information is known as binary code. There are different versions of binary code such as, Braille which uses raised and un-raised bumps; Morse code uses long and short signals; and perhaps, more commonly these days computers use 0s and 1s to send, receive, and store information.

The chart here translates letters, numbers and characters into binary code. Notice that a lower case letter has a different code to an uppercase letter.

There are other ways that you could represent these letters other than 1s and 0s. Why not use beads to spell out your initials in a bracelet?

Use 2 colours, 1 colour to represent 1s and and other colour to represent 0s. Find you initials and thread the beads accordingly. Maybe tie a know in between each set of 8 beads so you know where one letter ends and the other starts.