The Kerbinator 3000

Our mission to make the world more accessible

The Kerbinator 3000

In 2018, we began our mission to make the world more accessible.

One of our volunteers is a wheelchair user and told us how frustrating it was to plan her journey using online maps, only to find she was unable to cross the road because there was no low kerbs.

So we decided to create a web map that would include the location of drop-kerbs so users would see at a glance whether their route was accessible.

However, we need to find the locations of these drop kerbs. So we created a device – a button – that could be pressed at the site of a low kerb, recording the GPS location and uploading it to the website to populate the accessible map.

The plan is to crowdsource this data so that people all round the world can contribute to this accessible map.

We’ve created a prototype using an Arduino and a GPS shield. We are now investigating the map development and turning the kerbinator in to a mobile app.


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